Host a Friday Bar food Night or Saturday Dinner!

We are looking for members to host Friday and Saturday dinners throughout the summer of 2023.  

In order for our club to have a successful season, it is important that we offer a full social calendar. Please consider hosting a Friday Bar Night or hosting/ co-hosting a Saturday Dinner. The Club is open every Friday night, and this year our goal is to offer more Saturday night dinners.

Friday Night Dinners are more casual (Think Bar Food) Sample meals might include: Chili dogs with pickle and coleslaw- or a similar type salad, Taco Night, Sloppy Joes with chips and coleslaw , Chili and cornbread etc. Whenever possible, please try to include a vegetarian and GF option. These dinners generally are served at 7pm. (The bar opens at 6:30). We ask members to make a reservation no later than Wednesday by 6pm. We usually plan for 25-35 dinners and charge members enough to cover the cost of the food plus a small profit. We generally charge anywhere from $8-12 pp for adults on Friday nights. (Children are prorated)

Saturday Night Dinners are a cut above a Friday Night meal and may include an appetizer and usually it includes a dessert. A sample meal might be Chicken Francaise, baked potatoes and green beans almondine with a tossed salad. Desserts might be store-bought or homemade. You may also wish to have your Saturday night catered or partially catered. The Social Committee has more information on catering. Again, reservations need to be made for Friday and Saturday night dinners. We usually get 35-50 people on a Saturday night event and the cost pp is generally $18-25 per adult depending on the menu. (Children are prorated)

Click HERE to sign up to host a Friday or Saturday Night!

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