House & Ground Rules

  1. Specific requests or complaints. Should be directed to the Club Commodore privately.
  2. Club Property. Enjoy. Do Not Destroy.
    • Use receptacles provided for rubbish
    • Deposit trash and garbage in the dumpster
    • If you break or destroy any Club property, report it, repair it or replace it ACT REASONABLY
  3. Clubhouse. The Dining Hall and adjoining kitchen are to be kept ready for scheduled events, meetings and dinners.
  4.  Rest rooms, lavatories and showers. Use but don’t abuse. Conserve water consumption. No dumping of human waste or port-a-potties in toilets. Our septic system is NOT designed to handle this excess bulk.
  5. Commodore Lounge and Game Room. For your comfort and pleasure. Leave it as you find it. No overnight sleeping in the Club. The Club does not regulate or prohibit access to private member boats at its docks at any time. Curfew for Club closing is Midnight to 6:00am.
  6. We are a family of Club members, including children. We welcome them. They are our future. Please control your own children and instruct them as to proper Club behavior.
  7. Do not remove from Club property anything other than your own personal belongings except by special permission of the President/Commodore.
  8. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests. When members leave the premises, their guests should
    accompany or precede them.
  9. Dress code. Exercise good taste. No bare feet/bodies, jeans, swim shorts or t-shirts at scheduled Club functions.
    • Appropriate dress is a MUST
    • Dress shorts or slacks and collared shirt for men – jacket optional
    • Similarly appropriate dress for women
    • Follow guidelines provided for theme nights and outdoor picnics
  10. If you have a key to the Clubhouse, the privilege is not without responsibility. Keys are registered in one name and not transferable. The Clubhouse is to be locked when not occupied.
  11. As a recreational facility enjoying this location on the Lake, we must conform to the rules set forth by:
    • Lake Wallenpaupack Watershed Management District
    • Environmental Protection Agency
    • Bureau of Water Management
    • PPL
    • Using soaps and detergents in the lake is prohibited. Do not dump or discharge bilge waste or fuels in the lake


    • Raking of leaves into lake basin i.e. below high water mark
    • Burning of any material below the high water mark
    • Removal of vegetation of any sort without a shoreline management permit or approval from a PPL designated forester
    • Overnight anchoring on lake
    • The parking of motorized vehicles except as necessary for the launching and removal of boats or the drop off and pick up of boating supplies or as needed by people with disabilities
  12. Golf carts shall be parked in a designated area by the race shack.
  13. Dogs shall be kept on a leash or under direct control of their owners at all times. Curb your dog and promptly clean up
    after and properly dispose of deposits. Dogs are not permitted in the upper level of the Clubhouse.
  15. All current and new members will be issued a printed copy of these Rules


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