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LWYC Apparel Store

The LWYC Apparel Store is Open!  Each order gets shipped directly to you, and a portion of the proceeds comes back to the club.  Below is the link.  Please feel free to treat yourself and happy shopping!
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Host a Friday Bar food Night or Saturday Dinner!

We are looking forward to a great year of Bar nights and Saturday full blown dinners. We ALL
need to participate, it is a working club, those of you who haven’t participated in the last year or
two. We know who you are!
It isn’t a difficult task, Bar nights are an easy task, a sandwich, side and a light dessert.
Saturday or it could be a Friday, are more of a full meal, soup or salad, some include appetizers,
main course, side and vegetable with a nice desert. A theme is not necessary, but if you are
inclined that would be wonderful. We would like to be open every Friday and at least 2
Saturdays a month. Any of you breakfast chefs are also welcome to show us your stuff.
If you are hesitant please contact me we can arrange for folks that
have done this before and are willing to mentor you. How to plan your menu, plan for cost and
how to stay within the Clubs budget, whatever assistance you need.
Everyone realizes costs have gone up and Bar nights and Dinner nights will need to reflect this
also. For those hosting please contact me and we can discuss the pricing of the meals.
If you are the host for the evening, please remember to include yourselves in the count, we
have to limit the amount of complimentary meals. As primary host you are entitled to1
complimentary drink from the bar.
So please contact me and take a night for the Club. We need to support the club, if not we will
jeopardize the beautiful place we all love and enjoy. This is a place to socialize, laugh and keep
for the future, it depends on all of us.
Thanks to all for signing up.

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LWYC Members only Facebook Group

Good Morning! We have created a closed LWYC FACEBOOK group for our yacht club members only.
If you have not received an invite to that page please use the link below and request to join.
This group is set up as a private page that only our club members can access for information on up coming dinners, events and so on.
If you have any questions please let us know. And please bare with us while we approve anyone as we will only be approving members.
Please join our members only Facebook page

Or Click on the Facebook Logo Below

Thank you,


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Welcome to Lake Wallenpaupack Yacht Club

The Lake Wallenpaupack Yacht Club was founded in 1956 as a family oriented club that is dedicated to the betterment of all forms of activities on Lake Wallenpaupack. The club’s mission is to foster and encourage the love of boating, sailing, aquatic and other sports, and to promote the health and pleasure of our members through social interaction at various club events. Our beautiful facility includes a clubhouse with dining room, dance floor, industrial kitchen, lounge with fireplace, rest rooms with showers, recreational facilities include ping-pong, pool table, card table, tv’s and picnic & beach area. The club is run by its members for its members.

Please explore our website to know more about us

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