2017 LWYC Election Nominations are open

2017 LWYC Nominations are open

Nomination ballot Emails where sent out via electionbuddy.com 
This is not the Ballot for the actual election.
Those will be appearing in the next week

All the positions for the Executive Officers are open

Anyone interested in any position of the Executive Officers may nominate themselves or someone else.
Executive Officer Positions available are
Commodore (President)
Vice Commodore (Vice President) 
Rear Commodore (2nd Vice President)
Treasurer, Secretary
Financial Secretary
Membership Secretary 
When nominating someone, they have to be notified and and asked to approve of their status to run.

There are two positions open for Director to the Board
(Chris Dobitsch's and Keven Kennedy's seats are open for nominations).
Anyone interested in these positions or would like to nominate someone for these positions may.
When nominating someone, they have to be notified and approve of their status to run.


Nominations are open please contact Allen if you would like to run or Nominate someone, and did not receive a nomination ballot email invite thru electionbuddy.com      email Alan Cunningham ac3201@ptd.net 



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