Club Dues and Fees as of May 22, 2016

Proprietary Member Dues $410
3 shares of stock $150
Key Deposit $30

Associate members
Initiation fee $100
Dues $410
Social Member Dues $100

Food Minimum
Couple $100
Single $50

Missing a spring / fall work day or dock day will result in $120 penalty per missed day unless arrangements are made with the Commodore prior to that work day.

Yearly fee $275
Dock Initiation Fee $750

Weekend Docking Fee $25

Beach fees Trailered
Sail boats are $125
Sunfish etc $25

Winter Outside storage $90

Associate & Proprietary Members Only
All dues, fees, and assessments are due by March 31 of each calendar year unless a prior arrangement is made with the Commodore. Late fees of $41 will be assessed the first day of each month until said dues, fees, assessments, and accrued late fees are paid in full. If an unpaid balance remains on June 1, suspension and Membership revocation procedures Will commence by the Board.

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