Boats Out, Work Days, Dues & Info


All yacht Club Members

It is sad to see the boating season drawing to a close, but The Social Committee is busy trying to  plan fall /winter  events.

An email was sent out about the New Years Eve Party.  I think this is going to be great event.  The Committee and one of our members Shelly Peskin have worked very hard trying to

Put this together by balancing all the costs for a fully catered event , decorations and a top quality DJ to entertain us.

As we all know  prices of everything are increased that night and I think they did a great job.

The catering company they have chosen is one of the best in the Scranton area and their food is excelent.

I for one am looking forward to it and I encourage everyone to respond one way or the other. Preferably with a yes that you are attending.

Just a reminder all boats  have to be out by Monday Afternoon October 12th  Since the remaining half dock is scheduled to Removed starting Tuesday.

All Proprietary and associate members   Fall Work Days  Sat Oct 10 9am   Sat Oct 24 9am

Missing a spring / fall work day or dock day will result in $120 penalty per missed day unless arrangements are made with the Commodore prior to that work day

The Board of Directors  Established new Policies for dues and fees at the June 14 Meeting

All dues, fees, and assessments are due by March 31 unless a prior arrangement has

been made with the Commodore. Late fees of $41-will be assessed the first day of each

month until said dues, fees, assessments, and accrued late fees are paid in full. If an

unpaid balance remains on June 1, suspension and revocation procedures will

commence by the Board.

As always

Yours in service

Jeff Fedak

LWYC Comodore


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