Bar Menu Aug 7 – Ya Gotta Git On Down The Club

Ya Gotta Git On Down The Club, So Ya Ain’t Gonna Miss Yer ’REDNECK’  Sausage Sandwich!!

On Friday, August 7, we welcome two of our newest members, Dave and Laura Myers, in hosting their first Bar Night!

Their delicious Italian Sausage sandwiches will be served ‘Redneck’ style, with chips and dip, and a side of cole slaw.  (‘Redneck’ style is simply a bowl of sauce that the sausage was cooked in, to be used for either dipping or spooning extra sauce on your sandwich!)

Sandwiches are 6-inch links on rolls with provolone, onions and peppers, along with the sides.
Two sandwiches, $9.       One sandwich, $7.

Come on out and git yer good eats!!  Bar opens at 7pm!

redneck sausage


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