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August 7th Bar Night

The menu is set for Friday night bar night! We will be enjoying 1/2 BBQ chicken, baked potato (with butter and sour cream) and cole slaw for $10.00! We do need RSVP’s for Friday night to make sure we have enough food. Please RSVP no later than 5 p.m. on Wednesday, August 5th.
We will also be dining outside by the fire pit. Picnic tables and other tables will be set up outside for dining. Drinks will be available inside to enjoy outside (don’t forget to wear your masks inside the building).
By eating outside we are hoping to see more people who have not felt comfortable eating indoors. It will be great to see you, too!
If you have not already let me know you will be joining us Friday, please email me. Remember you must purchase a meal in order to purchase alcohol. (Governor’s rules!)
If you have not picked up your LWYC membership card, they will be available at the club on Friday.
We will also have LWYC burgees for sale, too. $25.00 each.
Looking for some vintage LWYC clothing? We have assorted sizes. Grab them while you can! $3.00 each!
Don’t forget to RSVP by Wednesday! We will see you Friday night at 6:30!

July 24th Bar Night

Please come out to join us Friday, July 24th for lobster mac n cheese and salad! Price is TBD. Club opens at 6:30.
If you interested in attending please let me know. Also, if you will be eating outside or inside. We will have enough food for 30 people.
Anyone who is gluten free who would like to come, please let me know and we will have a gluten free meal for you.
Per the Governor’s and PLCB recent restrictions we can only serve alcohol if you are purchasing food. Also, all members are required to wear a mask upon entering, exiting, or moving around inside the club. You may remove your mask when sitting down to eat and drink.

July 3rd Bar Night

Great news!  Charlene Klingen will be making pork bbq on Friday, July 3rd.  First come, first serve for the first 30 people!    We all know that Charlene is a wonderful chef, so we know that they are going to be delicious!
Please come out and support the bar, too!
We had a great time last week.  A lot of members came out to support, and it was great to meet many new members!
A special thanks to new members Ed and Joyce Schwabe.  Joyce made her famous chocolate chip cookies last week!  They were fabulous! 
Hope to see you there!

June 26th Bar Night Featuring Ringside Pizza

Don’t forget the bar will be open Friday, June 26th at 6:30 for food and beverages. Food will be served at 7 p.m.
Although reservations are not required if you can let me know if you think that you will be able to join us so I have an idea of how much food to get. This week will be trying out Ringside Pizza. Cost is $2.50 per slice.
We will also be serving delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert made by Joyce Schwabe. 
The bar will continue to be open on Friday nights with a variety of food options. We will continue to sanitize, social distance, and adhere to the Governors restaurant/bar green phase guidelines for the safety and well being of our members.
Hope to see you there!

Friday Night Bar Menu Aug 9th 2019

Country BBQ

May Ellen & Terry Meehan  will host our Bar Night Menu!

Featured plate will be Ribs, Corn on the Cob with Cole Slaw!

Join us for Country BBQ   $8.00 !

As always…summer food, fun, friends and a great time to be had at the Club!
Come on out! Bar opens at 7!


Bar Nights & Dinners 2019

as of June 19th
Here is our current list  we will be adding more events as they are booked 

Bar Nights & Dinners 2019   Mark your calendars!    

Friday 6/21 Chris and Rick O Lobster mac and cheese!

Friday 6/28 Kennedys famous chicken parm sliders!

Friday 7/5 Kreckles Sloppy Joe’s!

Friday 7/12 Sally’s/Thomas Burrito night with all the fixins!

Saturday 7/13 Scarpaci/Dobitsch/Cope Brazilian rotisserie night with D/J Dennis!! Last year sold out get reservations in soon

7/27 Saturday Thomas’s Featuring Jazz night, menu tbd D/J too!

8/2 Friday Ostroski Famous Pizza night!

8/3 Saturday Pierson/Balik Shrimp boil! and D/J too

Many nights still available please see Vicki, Donna or Lisa.

Please remember to volunteer, it greatly helps the club    And remember food minimums are in effect.

As always if you do a Saturday night dinner, your work day in the fall will be excused. Thank everyone who has volunteered!


Bar Night Menu June 21st 2019

This Friday night Rick and Chris Ostroski will be serving up delicious lobster mac n cheese and salad.

Spread the word! Hope to see you there.

Bar opens at 7 pm.

Bar Night Menu June 14th 2019 Now THAT’s A Meat-A-Ball!

Now THAT’s A Meat-A-Ball!
Delicious Meatball Parm Subs are on the Menu!

Friday, June 14th, Donna Scarpaci  will host our Bar Night Menu!

Featured plate will be Meatball Parm Subs with Cheese and Chips!

Join us for these well-loved meatball subs!

As always…summer food, fun, friends and a great time to be had at the Club!
Come on out! Bar opens at 7!


Friday Night Bar Menu September 28th 2018

Tonight (Friday Night) , the one you have been waiting for, Our very own Alan Cunningham is making 3 types of egg rolls!
One will be steak, one pulled pork and finally, cinnamon apple pie egg roll for desert!

The fun begins at 7pm, see you then!
There will be gluten free ones also.


join us for good friends, great food, and lots of smiles!
Bar opens at 7! Hope to see you all there

Friday Night Bar Menu September 14th 2018

So the weather may be beginning to change, but the fun doesn’t stop at LWYC,
this Friday night, Vicki Cope will be making delicious beef stew, served with bread and butter, and a salad.
There will also be a Little appetizer of cheeses and crackers and some other goodies.

Join us for good friends, great food, and lots of smiles!
Bar opens at 7! Hope to see you all there